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Copyright in the Classroom: Creative Commons Licenses

Welcome to the Jefferson College Library -Copyright in the Classroom libguide! Use this guide to get started with including resources created by others in your classroom. There are various considerations to make before using material for your class- take

Copyright and Creative Commons-What's the Difference?

Creative commons (or CC) is a type of license that eschews some conventional protections of copyright, but may retain others. The license is defined by the creator at the time of publication. As the CC website puts it - they 'let you change your license from all rights reserved, to some rights reserved.' (

Check out some of the licenses below to get an idea of the different types of licenses available.

Mixing CC Licenses

When combining or 'remixing' two items that have creative commons licenses, consult this chart to make sure the different licenses are compatable.



CC Video

What the Letters Mean

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Questions? Check the Links and Resources page for more information, or ask your librarian to help you determine the appropriate attribution and use.