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9/11 Research Guide: Home

Use this Libguide to find reliable resources for your research on 9/11.


I. Choose a topic of interest, and one chapter of interest (that relates to your topic) from your textbook.  Develop a research question that links three (3) concepts from our textbook to actual, historical events related to the topic you have chosen.   You should choose one chapter from the text to use, based on the topic you have chosen.

Explain the historical event(s) in detail.  Read the entire chapter in your text for optimal understanding of the concepts.  Examine and interpret the concepts or theories through a sociological lens, applying these to the event(s).

This first segment should be three (3) pages minimum, utilizing sources from the .org website, the Jefferson College Library & 9/11 Libguide (this guide.)  (*Please refrain from using other websites (Wikipedia and Google Search.)  You may use books, academic journals, newspapers from the time period of your chosen event, film and photo archives from the 9/11 Memorial website, audio recordings, etc.  Be an excited researcher! 

2.  After you have completed the research, write a one page reflection (from the perspective of a survivor or victim) about the aspect of the history of 9/11 that you researched. 

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