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Anti-Racist Resources: Home

A guide to books, films, and database resources that explore historical and current topics related to American racism and anti-racist reading suggestions.


Anti-Racism Resources @ Your Library

This guide presents a small selection of resources for those interested in learning more about the over 400 years of racism, slavery and violence that have led to the Black Lives Matter movement, the current protests surrounding the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and calls for a more just American society.  We have featured materials from our collections and shared recommendations from fellow librarians and national organizations.  As always, if there's something you would like and we don't have it, please reach out and we will get it for you as soon as possible.  This is an intentionally limited list of resources to address a moment. Reading about diverse experiences and perspectives is a proven way to increase empathy, build shared understandings, and begin the process of imagining different and better communities. We can all do more to further anti-racist thinking, anti-racist actions, and anti-racist policies, practices, and laws.

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Print Books

Library Databases

Use these databases to find articles and information about racism, white supremacy, history, and much more.

Ask a Librarian


How to be an AntiRacist


History of American Racism

Podcasts from On Being

Other Libguides

Colleagues at libraries around the nation have put together resources to learn about racism, anti racism, and inclusive pedagogy. Listed below are just a few selected libguides from librarians at other colleges.

Jefferson College

Jefferson College's Diversity Statement: Jefferson College is a community leader dedicated to supporting and promoting diversity through opportunities and experiences that foster a culture of respect, inclusiveness, and understanding for everyone in the campus community to engage in a diverse world.   Learn more...