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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Libraries & COVID-19

A guide to general purpose information. For updates about Jefferson College's response and operations visit

National Network of Libraries for Medicine

American Library Association Guidelines

American College and Research Libraries

Public Library Association (PLA) Resources

Reliable Information @ Your Library

Libraries as institutions focus on providing access to reliable information. In times of crisis, information is often disseminated faster than it can be verified, challenged or even read in some cases (e.g. major legislation that is hundreds of pages long, major reports written for experts, etc). Your library is a good place to start to get reliable and timely information. Librarians are professionals who vett sources and provide access to scholarly and popular publications that are reliable and useful for productive research. As such, using library resources for your investigation into COVID-19 or other matters that affect your life is a good way to avoid disinformation. The library organizations listed below coordinate best practices and help determine the broader response to everything from natural disasters to regular shifts in policy.

Information Seeking and Kuhlthau's Model

One important aspect of information literacy is the idea of information seeking and how it satisfies fundimental human needs. Among these is a need to relieve anxiety. In our current environment it is easy to see how in our efforts to relieve anxiety, we may be predisposed to believe subjective or innaccurate sources that tamp down on these feelings or reinforce already closely-held beliefs over things that provide objective information that might not necessarily give us comfort. To this end, understanding information seeking as a process can be helpful. There are various models for information seeking. One important model proposed by Carol Kuhlthau is especially popular, though there are several others (see a truncated version of her model below or a more thorough one here).

MIssouri State Library Reopening Guide

Jefferson College Community Card Holders

All community card holders have access to eBooks and audio books through Overdrive (see Books tab above for a tutorial). Send us and email at or call and leave a message at 636-481-3166 and we can make arrangements to talk to you.