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Forms and Policies: Access and Borrowing Policies

Access & Borrowing

We are committed to ensuring the availability of materials and services to the community of students, faculty, staff, and residents we serve. We provide millions of digital and tangible materials. The Archway catalog can be used to locate items here at Jefferson College, and the MOBIUS catalog can be used to locate and order items from our consortia partners across the state and region. Our primary mission is to support the curriculum and the educational and enrichment activities of the College, but many library materials and services are available to Jefferson County residents, and all visitors are entitled  to free access to Government Information through our participation in the Federal Depository Library Program and in compliance with Title 44 U.S.C. 1901-1916 (2010). Specific borrowing policies and guidelines are listed below, including policies governing use of the library by visitors to campus--community patrons, patrons from other MOBIUS libraries, government information seekers, and others.

Circulation Policy

The Jefferson College Library offers borrowing of library materials to Jefferson College students, faculty and staff, card holders from other MOBIUS libraries, and community library card holders of Jefferson County.

  1. Definitions
  2. Circulating items -- materials that can be borrowed from the library and taken home for a specific length of time. Circulating materials are kept on shelves that can be browsed easily.
  3. Reference items -- materials that are kept in the library as a ready source of information. Reference materials include dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, and atlases.
  4. Reserve items – materials usually provided by instructors for use in conjunction with a particular course. These items are mostly available for short term use in the library.
  5. Loan Period – The length of time a library item may be borrowed.
  6. MOBIUS --   A multi-state collaboration of libraries that provide library patrons access to additional library materials.
  7. Inter-Library Loan –  Also referred to as ILL, is a  service that allows for library patrons to obtain materials that are not available from the Jefferson College library or the MOBIUS consortium.
  1. Borrowing Guidelines
  1. Jefferson College students, faculty and staff with a current Jefferson College ID may borrow materials from the Jefferson College circulating collection, the MOBIUS Consortium and the Inter-Library Loan service.
  2. MOBIUS Consortium members may requests that our items be sent to another MOBIUS location, request to pick up items at one of our locations (Pick Up Anywhere), or check-out items by visiting one of our locations and using the Visiting Patron option for MOBIUS participants. Non-Jefferson College borrowers must contact their home institutions to inquire about or renew items.
  3. Jefferson County community members and Jefferson College affiliates may receive a community library card from the circulation desk.  Community library cards are charged a fee of $15 per year for community members and affiliates under the age of 65.  For those 65 and over, a library card is provided free of charge.  Those holding a community library card may only borrow items from the Jefferson College library collection.  Community library card holders also have access to the Inter-Library Loan service.  
  4. Electronic items are available for current Jefferson College students, faculty and staff.
  5. Reserve items are for Jefferson College students and faculty use only.
  1. Loan Periods
  1. All library users have the same loan period for books, magazines, audio books, CD’s, and DVD’s checked out from the Jefferson College collection, MOBIUS, and Inter-Library Loan.  These items may be renewed twice providing there is no hold on the item.
    1. DVD VIDEOS – 10 days
    2. MAGAZINE – 10 days
    3. CDs – 10 days
    4. AUDIO BOOK – 28 days
    5. BOOK – 28 days
  2. When borrowing electronic items, an electronic use agreement form must be signed by the borrower.  Electronic items do not check out to community borrowers.
    1. iPADS – 3 days
    2. CHROMEBOOK – 7 days
    3. KINDLE – 7 days
    4. NOOK – 7 days
    5. NOOK HD – 3 days
    6. LAPTOPS – 4 hrs
    7. Faculty/Staff LAPTOP – 7 days
    8. TELESCOPES – 7 days
  1. Item limits
  1. Jefferson College students, faculty  and staff
    1. Book Limit: 50
    2. Video: 2
    3. Audio: 2
    4. Reserve: 2
  2. Jefferson County community members and affiliates.
    1. Book Limit: 20
    2. Video: 2
    3. Audio: 2
  3. Books are limited to 5 items on the same subject for all borrowers.
  1. Fines and lost or damaged items
  1. Fines are not charged for books, audio books, magazines, DVD’s, and CD’s if not returned or renewed by the due date.   Items that are not returned and go to a billed status.  Patrons will be charged the replacement cost and will result in a hold placed on student accounts.  A hold will prevent the student from getting grades, registering for classes, or requesting transcripts.  Once the item is returned, the charge is waived and the hold removed.
  2. Fines will be accessed per hour for reserve items that are overdue.
  3. Fines for electronic items will be accessed per day for each day the item is overdue.
  4. Items that are lost or damaged will be accessed the replacement cost of the item plus a processing fee.
  5. MOBIUS items that are lost or damaged have a replacement cost of $120.
  6. Jefferson College library and many MOBIUS libraries accept new copies of lost or damaged materials.   The item must be the same edition, with the same ISBN number.


Jefferson College Library welcomes visitors from the community, our consortia partners and affiliated colleges, those in need of government information, and History Center visitors.

Community Visitors, that is, Jefferson County residents not affiliated with the College,  are not required to have a Community Library Card to use the public access computers, but must comply with all relevant campus and college policies. Community members may consult the collections, use History Center resources, or book meeting rooms without obtaining a Library card. However, a Community Library Card must be obtained to check out materials, including meeting room electronics and all Library policies and procedures, including Community Room Use Agreement, must be followed.

MOBIUS & Other Affiliated Students, Faculty, and Staff are required to present a current photo ID from their home institution to use the Pick-Up Anywhere service or  Visiting Patron materials borrowing privileges.

Government Information seekers, as is stipulated in Title 44, are welcomed at Jefferson College Library during regular operating hours, and may access print and electronic government information sources with the assistance of a librarian or other staff member. Visitors in need of specific government information are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Government Document Coordinator, Lisa Pritchard in order to ensure that information needs are met.

History Center Visitors must contact Assistant Director of Library Services, Joette Klein, to schedule an appointment or set-up a consultation. The Jefferson County History Center's webpages provide additional information about use of the space and collections.


To ensure that library materials can be found and accessed we follow international, national, state, and regional protocols and best practices for cataloging. Our Cataloging Policy may be read in the attached document.


Books and other items may be checked out at the Circulation/Reference Desk at the Library. For JCI and JCA students, books can be sent via campus courier--call 636-481-3166 or email for details. A current employee or student ID, or Community Card is required for all check-outs.


Materials for Check-Out Loan Periods for Students
New Books 4 Weeks
Books & Government Documents 4 Weeks
DVDs & CDs 10 Days
Magazines & Scholarly Journals 10 Days
Laptops Semester
Study Room Keys 4 Hours (Library Use Only)
Headphones 4 Hours (Library Use Only)
Chrome Books 1 Week
Reserve Items 1 Hour or more (Varies)

Collection Locations

The Jefferson College Library lends many different types of tangible materials to students, faculty, and staff. Following is a list of the location of different collections within the main campus library. We have over 60,000 books, 60 popular magazines and newspapers, thousand of archival documents about Jefferson County, hundreds of DVDs and CDs, devices, and more! Plus, we have streaming videos, eBooks, and databases with access to thousands of newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals.

1st Floor
  • New
  • Currently Popular
  • Young Adult
  • Graphic Novels
  • New Children's
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Jefferson County History Center & Archives
  • Federal Depository Library
  • Electronics
  • Telescopes
  • Music
  • Movies
2nd Floor
  • Art & Oversized Books
  • Children's--Older Editions
  • General Collection