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College 136 (COL 136): Mastering the College Experience: Find a Book

Use this guide to complete your assignment, and future reference when looking for a book, an article, or evaluating a website.

Search for Books

Use archway to find books and other materials in the Jefferson College Library catalog.

Use MOBIUS if you cannot find what you are looking for in the Archway catalog. MOBIUS contains records for books from other Missouri libraries. If you order a book via MOBIUS (see Find a Book tutorial-4:30), it should arrive within 2-5 business days, depending on the popularity of the book, and how many copies are circulating.


Do you prefer books or eBooks?
Books (printed, traditional books): 579 votes (72.19%)
eBooks: 155 votes (19.33%)
Neither: 68 votes (8.48%)
Total Votes: 802
Have you used the library catalog to find a book in the past six months?
Yes: 157 votes (21.13%)
No: 586 votes (78.87%)
Total Votes: 743

Find a Book Tutorial

MLA Handbook, 8th ed.

My Library Account

Print Your Book Record

You will need to print your book record for the assignment. To do so, follow these steps.


1.  Locate your book record in the list of results. Click the title (underlined text).

2. Now you are in the book record. Make sure it looks something like the image below. It should have a title, author, and publication information, as well as more detailed info like a summary, and a contents, or table of contents. Click print in your browser menu, or hold ctrl+p.


3. The pages you print should look like this:





If they do, attach them to your assignment. If you need help, please ask a librarian.

Ask a Librarian