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Use this libguide to locate resources, images, and free software to create your factsheet.


Assignment Description

Create a factsheet and put your communication skills about zoonotic diseases to the test. 

You will select a vulnerable population  (such Health care workers, Pregnant women, Children, Small animal veterinarians, Large animal veterinarians, HIV/AIDS patients, Reptile owners, Laboratory workers, Farmers, Hunters or wildlife enthusiasts, Animal control officers). 

You have been given the task of developing and disseminating a fact sheet on zoonotic diseases for a specific vulnerable population where you work. Your task for is to create a 1-2 page fact sheet that addresses zoonotic diseases that are of particular risk for the vulnerable  population you have chosen.

The requirements are that you include 

  •  a definition of zoonoses, 
  • at least 2 diseases (but not more than 3)
  • The prevention measures. 


You should also include a title, and a statement about where to find more information. 

The layout and language of your factsheet may depend on the population you chose. You will have to do some research for this and must include a references page formatted in APA with your assignment submission.


This assignment is meant to be creative in nature, while at the same time, give you practice with developing materials for a specific audience on a particular topic. You may use photos, and may also use online infographic design programs if you wish, but content must be your own. Be cautious of getting overly creative to avoid your message getting lost, while at the same time not being too wordy. Your fact sheet should be clearly formatted with language directed towards the population of your choice.

CDC and Government Resources

Ask a Librarian


Tips from the Librarian

  • Give yourself enough time to complete the research AND the design of the factsheet.  It will probably take you longer to do both than you think.
  • Remember to cite images as well as articles using APA style
  • if you need help, you can contact a librarian here (we're here to help!).


Library Resources

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