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Psychology Research Guide: Online Sources

IFLA- How to Spot Fake News

Webpage v. Website

Specific Web Page

  •  Individual file posted on the web similar to a specific article in a journal, magazine, or newspaper or a specific chapter in a book
  • Has unique (often very long) URL such as -
  • REQUIRES formal in-text citation and reference listing when using information from a specific web page

Entire Website

  • Collection of web pages provided by one person or organization similar to an entire book, journal, magazine, or newspaper
  • All of the specific, individual web pages posted on the site trace back to a common (usually short) URL (home page of the host site) that serves as a gateway to the specific web pages such as -
  • DO NOT use a formal in-text citation and reference listing to refer to an entire website; in the text use the website title and URL such as - The American Psychological Association’s APA Style Blog ( is an excellent resource for APA Style questions.

Media Literacy Powerpoint

Google Search

Google Web Search

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