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Cultural Competency

Keep in Mind

It is a fact of life that prejudice and bias exist.  Those who deny it are most afflicted.  Identifying and recognizing this will help control it is expression.  To accomplish cultural awareness effectively, "the health care professional must first understand his or her own cultural background and explore possible biases or prejudices toward other cultures". (23)  Upon close examination of prejudice, bias, and their sources, it appears that fear is the foundation.  Work to over come these fears; education will facilitate the process.

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Articles About Cultural Competency in Health Care (Jefferson College Resource)

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Your Assignment

For this assignment, you are to research a culture that is of interest to you and prepare a PowerPoint presentation or video that will be posted to Blackboard.  Your presentation needs to include a general description of the culture, historical and geographical considerations, beliefs of the culture, health care practices and nursing implications.  

Cultural and Linguistic Competence

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