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Business and Management: Big Picture--Economic Development

Resources about starting a business, business plans, market analysis, and regional economic development.

National Association of Counties

The Regional Economist

Print Publications

And, if you want to visit the JC Hillsboro Library and read about economics, we subscribe to The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, USA Today, and other national publications.

Publications @ Jefferson College Library

The following is a list of just a few titles available through Jefferson College Library database subscriptions. You may come into either the Hillsboro or Arnold locations to get access to these titles or access them remotely if you are a current JC student, faculty, or staff person.

Comparative Economic Studies
Economic Development & Cultural Change
Economic Development Journal
Growth & Change
Harvard Business Review
Housing, Theory & Society
Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
Journal of Business Strategies
Journal of Contingencies & Crisis Management
Journal of International Trade & Economic Development
Journal of Regional Science
Journal of Strategic Marketing
Journal of the American Planning Association
Journal of the American Real Estate & Urban Economics Association
Planning Perspectives
Planning Practice & Research
Progress in Development Studies
Successful Meetings
Technological & Economic Development of Economy
Urban Studies