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Library Assessment: Curricular & Co-Curricular Outcomes

Student, Faculty, and Staff Library Survey Results & Assessment Efforts

Impact on Student Learning Outcomes

Jefferson College Library works with students and faculty to determine the effectiveness of our research sessions. We have always used anecdotal information from faculty who invite us to teach research frames of mind and skills. For the past decade, we have employed more formal means to gather data about the research habits our students have when they begin taking classes at Jefferson College, and the learning outcomes associated with bibliographic instruction in a variety of formats. We look at how we can develop clearer outcomes in our scaffolded approach to teaching information literacy skills and habits of mind. In 2017 we began to look at co-curricular outcomes as part of the broader college endeavor. Over a three year period we will look at the co-curricular outcomes for critical thinking, intercultural knowledge, and information literacy. This year's analysis will incorporate quiz and assignment data extracted from Blackboard and obtained from faculty, pre and post session questions, and surveys given to student in selected classes. Librarians use the Association of College and Research Libraries' Framework for Information Literacy and its associated student learning outcomes to guide our teaching practices.

FAll 2018 --ACRL's Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

Jefferson College Library was one of a few community college libraries to participate in the Association of College and Research Libraries' Project Outcome Field Tests to develop measurable outcomes for student learning in academic libraries. After receiving IRB approval, the Library chose three of the ACRL assessments--space, instruction, and technology--and collected responses during a six week period in early fall. Respondents used a Likert scale with choices ranging from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree). Analysis of the results and the comments indicate strong satisfaction with all areas assessed. Most questions received average scores of 4.5, with some higher and some lower. 119 surveys were completed about library instruction, 83 about library spaces, and 12 about library technology. The data and comments, survey questions, and information about ACRL's Project Outcome for Academic Libraries can be found below.

Importance of Libraries

Co-Curricular Outcomes

As part of the college-wide assessment plan for co-curricular outcomes the Library is participating in the multi-year cycle  by assessing the following co-curricular outcomes in addition to our regular classroom assessment. Rubrics for the assessments are linked below.

2017-2018--Critical Thinking


2019-2020--Information Literacy

2020-2021--Information Literacy (continued because of COVID pandemic)

2022-2023--Critical Thinking

The Library worked with the Assessment Committee  to develop strong Student Learning Outcomes. The Library has developed multiple measures, including artifact assessment, faculty survey data, post-instruction quiz data, and in-class pre and post-test assessments. Additionally, we are utilizing direct, indirect, formative, and summative assessment to help guide our instruction, class activities, and assignments.