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Dual Enrollment Comp/US History: Getting Started

Welcome to the Dual Enrollment US History/ English Comp Libguide!

Welcome to the Dual Enrollment History/Comp Libguide! To get started, check out the video below, and then watch the tutorials to learn how to find books in Archway (our library catalog) and MOBIUS, and how to find articles in our various databases. Once you've got the general idea, check out our source tab for information on primary, secondary, and tertiary sources, as well as access many of our resources that fall into each category. Finally, check out the Chicago and MLA style pages for help citing your sources when you write a paper (ask your instructor which style they prefer).

Kathryn Schulz- On Being Wrong

Find an Article Tutorial Video

Being Wrong and Research

Journalist and author Kathryn Schulz tells us what can happen when we misinterpret signs on the road to understanding. With regard to research, we often must explore with an open mind to realize we are wrong. This requires constant course-corrections, going back and starting again, and stepping outside the feelings we get when we are embrassed about being wrong, or even worse- being certain we are right (when perhaps we are not).

Tutorials- Find a Book, Find an Article

Check out these video tutorials to get started looking for books and articles at Jefferson College.

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