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Dual Enrollment Comp/US History: History Research Papers

Writing a Research Paper

Use this page to get started on writing your research paper. In a research paper, you are not simply gathering information and repeating it in your writing, rather you are drawing on research (your sources) to answer a question. Good research begins with a  question such as:

What were the main causes of the war of 1812?

How did the economy of the US change during the industrial revolution?

What was it like being a woman in colonial America?

These are open-ended questions, which have complicated answers. A good research paper considers multiple points of view- including primary sources (these are particularly important when researching history). For a list of research topics, consult your instructor. When you receive your topic, ask yourself a question about it. For example, if your topic is Franklin D. Roosevelt, you might ask yourself- 'How did FDR's presidency change the nation?' From this question, you may expand to gathering sources, and considering different points of view.


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