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National Library Week: 2020

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Get Outside

We love to curl up with a good book, connect through the internet, and find new ways to be cozy while keeping safe and isolating, but getting getting outside has great mental and physical health benefits. We all need to take a break from our screens, move different muscles, and connect to nature.

Awkward National Library Week

Like librarians and library workers at many of the 120,000 libraries across the United States, we have been working from home to deliver quality online content and assistance to our community. And, like many of you, this has lead to unusual, frustrating, funny, and awkward work/home moments. Here are just a few we gathered from Jefferson College Library peeps and friends. Thank you to our friends in Central Office Services, I.T., Biology, Communication & Theatre, History, English, Vet Tech, and the Library.

Libraries Reimagined Podcast

Library of Congress Virtual Tours

Miss visiting the library? Take virtual tours of the mother ship of all U.S. libraries, the Library of Congress