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Libraries have been counting check-outs, visits, and materials for over a hundred years. Jefferson College Library continues this tradition to help ensure that we have the high quality materials, services, and instruction, as well as spaces that  improve learning. We look at raw data, we analyze curricular and co-curricular student learning outcomes, we see what resources are being used, and we research what resources are needed. We look at what is happening in our library and on our campus, at other libraries in Missouri, and at we look at national library and higher education trends. This guide will provide links to some of the raw data, analysis, and other assessment projects at Jefferson College Library.

2019-2020 Snapshot

ACRL Study--Libraries & Student Success

Key Findings

1. Students benefit from library instruction in their initial coursework.

2.Library use increases student success.

3.Collaborative academic programs and services involving the library enhance student learning.

4.Information literacy instruction strengthens general education outcomes.

5.Library research consultations boost student learning.

Graduating Students Opinion Surveys

Graduating students provide ratings of various college services. The Library has consistently received positive ratings, however, during the remodel the satisfaction levels dipped below historic averages.

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