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Honors Biology 101 (BIO 101H) General Biology: Getting Started

Your Assignment

Current Events Presentation

Each student will be required to lead a discussion on one topic for the Current Events Presentation.  Topics will be randomly assigned.  Each presentation should last AT LEAST 15 minutes, followed by class discussion.  The presentation must be done using Powerpoint. DO NOT just read or put all of the information on your Powerpoint presentation.  Feel free to use notecards during your presentation, but again DO NOT just read your notes during the presentation.  Be sure to address the questions listed on each topic (in addition to any others),  but DO NOT just put my questions in the Powerpoint Presentation and then answer them.  Be sure to use additional information to support your answers.  When possible, present both sides of the argument and why you took the stand you did. (See document link below for the full assignment)

Start Here

Library Resources Required

You are required to use library resources that are current and were published very recently. So what does your instructor mean by this? Prof. Mitchell wants you to use databases to find reliable and up-to-date information about your topic.  Check out the Recommended Resources tab to begin searching.


Government Websites

Government websites are good places to look for current information about environmental topics. You may want to include statistics, legal cases, or state and federal government regulations. We can help you get started or you may begin your search on our  our Government Information LibGuide.

Quick Tip:  If you want to do a search for government documents in Google or another search engine like DuckDuckGo, type your word or phrase in the search box, (use quotes to keep words in a phrase together), and then add "site:gov" to the end of the search to limit to government websites, e.g. "rare earth minerals" site:gov

For Data and Stats, start here DATA.GOV

Find Books

You have access to millions of titles through Archway, our library catalog, and MOBIUS, the statewide catalog. Students often find recently published titles about their topics or use slightly older titles to use as additional resources (you are required to have at least two resources published within the last year, but you may include additional sources). Remember to search for books early (MOBIUS books can take a week or so to arrive at our campuses).


Search catalogs