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New Employees/Student Workers: Student Workers/New Employees

About the Library and additional information for students workers and new employees.

Pay Close Attention

In this section, you will find information about what is expected of you as a student worker in the library. 


One of the most important things to remember is to ask for help!

Library staff is always willing to answer questions, whether you think think they are dumb or not.

Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Thank You, Student Workers!


At the library, we realize that you are here to gain your education to either continue on to a four year or to the workforce. With that being said, the library expects you to be a contributing member of the staff. Your supervisor will work with you to create a schedule that works around your class schedule, exams, etc. Once that schedule is set, you will be required to work those shifts for the rest of the semester. If something comes up and you can't work your shift, you are expected to contact the other student workers to see if trading shifts is a possibility. If not, let your supervisor know and something will be worked out. 


As a student worker in the library, you will have access to confidential information about students, faculty, and staff. It can't be stressed enough how important it is to keep this information private. You are not allowed to tell anyone what another patron has checked out. If a person of authority asks to see a library record, please refer them to the library director. When you have finished checking out a patron, please make sure to close out the screen in Sierra. That will ensure the patron's privacy and that nothing gets checked out on the wrong record. 

Privacy is something that librarians take very seriously. Please make sure that you do, too.

Time Sheets and Pay Periods

Pay periods run from the 16th-15th. Timesheets are due on the 15th of the month. There are two timesheets: one in MyJeffco and an internal Excel spreadsheet. You will submit the MyJeffco one in MyJeffco and email your supervisor the Excel spreadsheet.

You will get paid once a month, on the last day of the month. If the last day happens to fall on a weekend, you will get paid that Friday. 

Personal Belongings

In the break room of the library, there is are two drawers set aside for you to place your personal belongings. The desk area isn't secure. Please do not leave your personal belongings in the library overnight.

There is a refrigerator available if you need to keep anything cold while you are working. There is also a microwave available to you.




Personal Appearance

There is not a strict dress code in the library but we ask that you dress appropriately. This means things like pajama pants, cut-off shirts, shirts with crude language or images are not allowed. It is also a good idea to wear closed toe shoes. Sometimes books get dropped or fall. You can prevent a more serious injury by not wearing flip-flops or sandals.  

Your Devices

Phones are not permitted when working at the desk. Please leave your phones in the student worker drawer while you are working. You may check your school email while you are on duty. That is how library employees do most of their communication. Looking at Facebook, surfing the web for personal use, etc. is not allowed.


Observe appropriate break time and length: 3-4 hour shift receives a 10-minute break, 5 hour shift receives a 15-minute break.


One of the first things you should do when you start work is to check your JeffCo email and calendar. This is the way library employees communicate information about the library and the college. It is also the way you will be assigned special projects. If another staff member asks you to do something, please copy your supervisor on the reply.