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New Employees/Student Workers: Circulation & Technology

About the Library and additional information for students workers and new employees.




Technical issues? Try:

  1. Paper jam? Locate and remove jammed paper.
  2. Printer displaying error code?  Unplug, let rest for 10 seconds, plug in, and restart
  3. Contact Tech Support.

Students are allowed to print for free as long as it is not excessive. When printing PowerPoints, students should print multiple slides to a page. 





A copier is available in each library. Black and white copies are $0.20 each. To copy:

  1. Insert the paper to be copied face down, flush with the upper left corner of the scanning surface
  2. Close the printer lid
  3. Select print options (single/double-sided, number of copies, etc.)
  4. Insert money
  5. Press the large circle button to print.

Students are able to scan documents onto a USB drive for free. To scan:

  1. Insert the USB drive into the copier
  2. Select "Scan To" from the touch screen
  3. Select location on USB where file will be stored
  4. Place the paper face down in the upper left corner of the scanning surface
  5. Press the large circle button to scan
  6. Add additional pages to scan into single file
  7. When all pages are done scanning, select "Rear-End" to save files to the USB
  8. Do not remove the USB until it stops flashing or files will not save.


Books and other items may be checked out at the Circulation/Reference Desks at JCH and JCA libraries. For JCI students, books can be sent via campus courier--call 636-481-3166 for details. A current employee or student ID, or Community Card is required for all check-outs.


Materials for Check-Out Loan Periods for Students
New Books 4 Weeks
Books & Government Documents 4 Weeks
DVDs & Movies 10 Days
Magazines & Scholarly Journals 10 Days
Laptops Semester Long or 4 Hours (Library Use Only)
Study Room Keys 3 Hours (Library Use Only)
Headphones 4 Hours (Library Use Only)
Chrome Books 1 Week
Reserve Items 1 Hour or more (Varies)

Privacy & Confidentiality

Privacy and confidentiality are vital to free exploration and inquiry in academic libraries. Students, faculty, and staff should feel free from scrutiny or breach of confidentiality.

What is "privacy?"

Patron Privacy involves a library user’s right to free inquiry without the fear of scrutiny.

What is "confidentiality?"

Confidentiality involves personally identifiable information stored about a patron and the commitment of the Library to keeping that information secure.

Practices for ensuring patron privacy and confidentiality:
  1. After completing a circulation transaction, close all patron records in Sierra.
  2. Do not leave books or other circulation materials with patron information in public spaces.
  3. Do not comment or discuss patron materials or selections in front of other patrons.
Privacy and Confidentiality Policies

Jefferson College Privacy & Confidentiality Policy
ALA Privacy & Confidentiality
ALA Personally Identifiable Information about Library Users
ALA Q&A Confidentiality and Privacy of Library Records

Student ID Cards

In order to check out materials at the Jefferson College Library, patrons must show a valid Jefferson College student or faculty/staff ID card. Patrons may obtain one free ID when they register as a student at Jefferson College. Should they lose their ID card, they must pay for a replacement. To obtain or replace a student ID card:

  • The student needs to show a copy of their schedule and a photo ID (e.g. drivers license, passport, military ID)
  • Pay $7 for a replacement ID. The library accepts cash and checks. If paying with a debit or credit card, the student will need to pay at the cashier in the Student Center and bring back the receipt.
  • Students can also get an ID at the Student Center, Jefferson College-Arnold, and Jefferson College-Imperial.


Tech Support


Student Logins for Library Databases:

Last name and V# followed by JC.

Difficulty connecting to Wifi? Try:
  1. Clearing the cache on the device.
  2. Closing and re-opening the browser.
  3. Using a different browser.
Database Issues

If you notice a database is down or students are running into repeated issues with Proxy Server access, contact:

Lisa Pritchard
Library Director
Extension 3160

Technology Help Desk

Issues with Canvas, etc.
(636) 481-3234 Option 2

Tech Support

Computer, printer, connectivity issues
(636) 481-3182